You snapped a selfie with your phone. You and your family might look at the selfie briefly, but deep down you want it to be remembered for a long time. You can hope for the great shot, or you could work to take a memorable image.

A photo that can…

Pissed, because I lost my greasy phone,

I saw red in the blue room teeming with toys.

Plush as they were, the toys were useless

In the restless pursuit of my phone.

So, in a house that was pitch black,

Firing flashbulbs to light my way, bulbs that smelled like

A Children’s Story

One hot day not long ago, the purple dawn of Anderson Valley lit the fork of the Buckeye tree that was Ms. Lizard’s home. It was her birthday.

Ms. Lizard slithered to the warming concrete slab where the Weber grill is fired up. She hoped Mr. Lizard…

I’ve taken upon myself, not to be remembered as a husband, a brother, technical writer, or a man, but as an amateur photographer. The project is very much in progress.

You say that if I’m good enough, I should be winning photo contests. I have entered a few. You pay…

We all have the urge to take a picture, because pictures are bookmarks in our lives. Parents are up to their armpits in baby pictures on their phones. Tourists never fail to leave Paris without pictures of Notre Dame (burnt or not) and the Eiffel Tower. I am guilty of…

The only way I was going to make a name for himself was with a camera. I wasn’t going to do it being a chemistry major. I was only so bright and had so few connections. I was a student, and I had no money. A student in debt forty…

Unless some variant of the COVID virus spills over our immune defenses to sicken everyone, we might be seeing the virus through the rearview mirror. As we grieve for the people who died of the virus, let’s think about our pandemic lives for a moment. …

My Favorite Picture

When I get out of bed, I see at first light a brass hook in the wall. I took down my favorite picture a month ago. It was an old black-and-white gelatin silver photograph that would be hard to print from your phone. The print was made with paper that’s…

By Jay A. Martin

The heroine, Yvonne Harbor, is her real name. All other names in this true story are false.


Henry, the older and the more stubborn of the two beagles, would not climb the cliff at Ocean Beach.

When the wind blows from the ocean across the…

Jay A. Martin

Jay is a science and technical writer. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and cat.

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